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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tutornova work? is an online tutoring platform. We connect students across Australia with experienced, professional and extensively vetted private tutors. You can make a booking for a one-off lesson or recurring weekly or fortnightly lesson in three easy steps:

1. Choose a plan suitable to your needs
2. Book instantly to request an appointment
3. Meet your tutor online to receive your lesson

What types of services are offered by Tutornova?

Tutornova offers two types of services: private academic tutoring lessons and marking requests / essay feedback outside of lessons, to high school and university students all over Australia.

We also sell the Digital Drawing Tablet and Stylus Pen used to sketch on our virtual whiteboard, delivered to your home.

Why online tutoring?

Because it works! It's much less time consuming and stressful than booking a tutor the traditional way. You don’t have to get in the car and waste time sitting in traffic. You get access to our trusted and highly experienced team of world-class academic mentors, already pre-screened and vetted to ensure each student's safety and your peace of mind. And with the powerful collaborative tools in our virtual classroom, it's just like sitting next to a real tutor, but you get access to the best tutors, all from the comfort of home. Easy!

How do I book a tutoring lesson?

All you have to do is click Book Now, enter your details and within 60 seconds you’re on the way to getting mentored by a world-class tutor.

I've made a booking request. What happens next?

You'll immediately receive an email to let you know that we received your request. We will then contact the best tutors for your needs and see who is available. If you've mentioned additional flexible times when booking, we will consider these in case we are unable to match your booking at your preferred time.

Once we have found you a suitable tutor, you will receive a second email confirming all booking details including the date and time of your booking.

How does Tutornova screen the tutors in its network?

We’re very careful about the tutors we select to join the Tutornova network. We interview all of our tutors and make sure they hold a clear Working With Children Check and pass our 10 Point Tutor Certification Checklist. We accept only the highest quality tutors with a history of academic excellence and customer satisfaction.

How do I pick a tutor?

We will match you with the highest quality tutor available at your preferred time. If you have any specific tutor preferences, you can mention it in the comments section when booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I rebook with the same tutor?

Absolutely! After your first lesson with a Tutornova tutor, you will be given the option to re-book with the same tutor at a regular time slot. Keep in mind, however, we cannot guarantee that the same tutor will be available at the time you request.

How do I book lessons for multiple siblings or subjects?

You can make your first booking on our booking form. You can book additional lessons for more than one sibling or different subjects by logging into your self-managed Members Account.

How does payment work?

Pay securely and automatically online only after your service has been completed. Tutornova eliminates the awkward conversations about money, with easy hassle-free enrolment and pay-per-lesson billing. You can book as many sessions as you like in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: A hold will be placed on your account (for authorization) in the amount of your total balance 2 days before the day of your service. THIS HOLD IS NOT A CHARGE. Charging is completed after your service is rendered and you will receive an invoice via email once this occurs.

What if I am late to a lesson?

Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled lesson time to receive a full tutoring session. If you are running late to your lesson, please message your tutor using the Message Board on your Student Dashboard so they are aware. Your tutor will wait for up to 20 minutes for you to arrive. You can ask your tutor to work on what you'd like to prioritise most in your remaining lesson time.

What equipment do I need to attend online lessons?

You will need:

– laptop or desktop computer
– webcam
– speakers
– microphone
– headphones (optional, but recommended for best audio quality)
– reliable internet connection (home wifi is best)
– digital drawing tablet and stylus pen (optional, but highly recommended for maths or science subjects, as it allows you to easily draw formulas and equations on the interactive whiteboard).

How do I draw on the virtual whiteboard?

You can draw on the virtual whiteboard with any input device on your computer that replaces your cursor, such as a digital stylus pen or drawing pen tablet.

For a smooth drawing experience, we recommend the Wacom Intuos Draw.

What do I do if my internet disconnects?

You will need access to a reliable internet connection to attend online lessons (home wifi is best).

If you have internet connection issues, try resetting your computer wifi, internet modem or connecting to a backup internet connection (e.g. mobile data) if you have one.

If you still cannot connect online and your tutor is waiting, please phone our Support Team immediately so we can contact your tutor on your behalf.

How do I share and edit documents with my tutor?

You can easily collaborate on documents with your tutor using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Make edits and view all changes to your work in real time during online tutoring lessons. You can create and link a Google Doc to your Student Dashboard, as well as upload any documents and files from your computer.

With powerful online tools that allow you and your tutor to work fast and seamlessly on the same document, online tutoring with Tutornova proves to be just as effective as sitting side-by-side with your tutor.

Can my tutor write my essay or do my assignment for me?

Sorry, no. Tutornova is not an essay writing service. Your tutor can help you to plan, structure and improve your work by providing thorough, practical guidance and comprehensive feedback.

Afterall, the best teachers empower their students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to submit their own work to the highest quality standard.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Your tutor will customise every lesson to the individual needs of the student and can help with upcoming assessments, tricky homework problems and exam preparation.

Not sure what to be working on to get ahead? Your tutor knows to proactively 'filling in any gaps' in learning and can create a personalised study plan to help you get ahead.

Get help with model answers, pitfalls to avoid, marker expectations, past papers and exam strategies. Your tutor can help you stay focused and feel less overwhelmed by breaking down big workloads into bite-sized chunks and can create a personalised action plan to keep you accountable.

Can I book my tutor directly instead of through Tutornova?

Tutornova takes the stress out of booking a tutoring lesson and is able to function because of the honour system. Our service agreement actually states that you must not independently hire any past or present Tutornova tutor, regardless of whether you want to use them for a recurring or one-off service. If you enjoy our service, we hope that you will do your part in keeping our eco-system intact and exclusively book through Tutornova for all your tuition needs.

Cancellation Policy

It takes us time to find the right tutor for your needs. Because our tutors reserve your time especially for you, you may cancel or reschedule your booking for free up to 24 hours in advance.

If you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hour’s notice, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Further, for our recurring weekly or fortnightly plans, there is a minimum commitment of 3 bookings. You will still pay only after each booking has been completed, but will be required to complete 3 bookings before leaving the service.

You can cancel or reschedule by logging into your Members Account or by calling our Support Team on (02) 9758 4217.

Marking Requests (Outside Lessons)

Get fast, detailed written feedback on school work, essays, exam papers, questions. Only ever hand in your best work at school!

One Marking Request includes up to 30 minutes of marking by one of our first available expert markers and returned to you within 24 hours of your marking timeslot. One Marking Request typically includes up to 2000-word essays or up to a 2-3 hour long exam paper.

We don’t restrict you to 30-minutes Marking Requests. You can simply purchase extra support time as needed in 30-minute blocks. Email the details of your Marking Request to and we'll get back to you with recommendations and time estimates.

Tutornova will charge your nominated payment method on your Customer Account after your Marking Request is complete.