I am a registered Physics and Maths teacher of over twenty years experience. I live and breathe my subject! I have a passion for sharing my enthusiasm for learning Physics and Mathematics with my students, and showing them how the concepts relate to the world around them.


Years of Tutoring

Private One on One Tutors HSC English Maths Chemistry Physics Business Studies Economics Online Home Tutoring Sydney Australia


General Maths

Mathematics 2U

Maths Extension 2


Private One on One Tutors HSC English Maths Chemistry Physics Business Studies Economics Online Home Tutoring Sydney Australia

Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Physics

Graduate Diploma in Education

I became a Tutornova Mentor because…

I am looking for new challenges as a teacher. I believe strongly that learning and teaching are changing rapidly and will continue to change a lot in the coming years. Students of today are immersed in online environments and that is having enormous impact on how learning takes place. Tutornova is clearly at the forefront of that process and so I am very pleased to be on board!


One piece of advice for students with big dreams is….

Be prepared to make mistakes and to learn from your mistakes. We are human and we all learn things at different rates and in different ways. Be understanding of yourself, your limitations, your strengths and weaknesses. Do not compare yourself to others. Keep persevering, always maintain a positive attitude, work hard, and you will reach your goals!


My biggest challenge in Year 12 was…

As you enter later high school and especially if you progress on to tertiary studies, you must increasingly become an independent and active learner. Your teachers are there to help you, but the ultimate motivation must come from you. I found that transition difficult myself at first, as many students do.


I overcame this challenge by…

Looking back, once I clarified in my mind why I wanted to study in the first place and what I was aiming for at the end, everything became much easier and I became much more motivated. I spent more time thinking about how to study more efficiently and prioritise tasks, so that I spent my study time more and more effectively. My results improved markedly as a result. Remember: it isn’t always how many hours you study each week, but how well you make use of your study time, that determines how well you perform.


I’d describe my teaching style as…

Focused on conceptual understanding, language and fundamental ideas especially in Physics where a strong grounding in the fundamentals is essential. I am a patient teacher and I care about my students. Last but not least – a sense of humour is essential!


If I could go back in time to when I was in high school I would tell myself…

Don’t worry about the future so much, focus on what you can do now to do the best you can. You will learn many things as you move into young adulthood and beyond and you will grow as a person and a student. You will make some mistakes – just be prepared to learn from them.


I keep motivated through hard times by…

Keeping my overall goals in mind, and reminding myself of what gives me joy and happiness in life.


My philosophy is…

Work hard, be the best person you can be, but remember you are human too. Have a sense of humour and keep smiling and enjoy yourself! You will learn best anyway when you’re in that state of mind.


My favourite productivity tool or app is…(and why)

Excel. I love anything to do with numbers and I am always thinking about them whether it be my household budget, interest rates, or just doing the maths when I am designing a new computer program (just for fun of course!).


When I’m not teaching, I’m usually…

Playing with my sons, listening to music, spending time with my wife, and writing. On a nice day I will be at the beach either fishing or just soaking up some rays 🙂

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