Online Tutoring Actually Works! Here’s Why

Online Tutoring Actually Works! Here’s Why

If you’re a student and need to get your grades up in a particular subject, you’re probably considering private tuition, and with good reason.

Private tutors provide the kind one-on-one, extra-curricular support that you just don’t get in a classroom, helping you to excel at high school and beyond.

The problem with private tutors, at least in the non-digital world, is that great ones are hard to find. Traditionally, locating a tutor that would actually enhance your learning meant navigating a minefield of nightmare candidates: from the barely qualified to the downright weird.

But, with online tutoring, the horrors of finding a world-class private tutor are gone. Online tutoring makes things easy, connecting you with first-rate tutors that will maximize your learning potential. Here’s how it works.

It brings world-class tutors to you

When I was in high school, I struggled with maths. So, my parents did the smart thing, and found a private tutor to help get my grades up. The problem was that we lived in a small town, and tutors within a reasonable driving distance were few and far between.

While we started out looking for the best tutor in the area, we had ended up settle for any tutor. And settle we did.

My first maths tutor was a man we nicknamed Mr. Nicotine. Why? Because he stank like a used ashtray; the reek of stale tobacco followed him wherever he went. It was so bad that my poor mum had to Febreeze the dining room for an hour after every study session.

Artist’s rendition of Mr. Nicotine


On top of smelling awful, Mr. Nicotine was a terrible private tutor. He knew nothing about the current syllabus, using resources and examples that were years – sometimes even decades – out of date. He would frequently veer off topic, boring me to distraction by telling me about his vinyl record collection. And, he often tried to upsell me physics lessons – it turned out he wasn’t actually a maths tutor!

The great thing with online tutoring is that the Mr. Nicotines of the world don’t get a look in. Online tutors aren’t limited by geography. You get a choice of world-class tutors from across the country and don’t have to settle for someone second-rate just because they’re local. On top of that, online tutors are thoroughly screened and they know their subject and syllabus like the back of their hand. Oh, and they won’t bore you half-to-death talking about their ultra-rare French 12” of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up!”

He’s never gonna let you down… except when it comes to maths revision


You get taught in the comfort of your own home

After the Mr. Nicotine debacle, my parents looked further afield to find me a good private maths tutor. Eventually, they discovered Mrs. Williams, and I was very glad they did. Mrs. Williams was truly excellent teacher. I learned more about maths from her in one session than I’d gleaned from Mr. Nicotine in two long, nostril-frazzling months. Thanks to her tuition, I ended up acing my maths exam.

The problem was that Mrs. Williams lived far away. Every week, after my mum finished work, she had to drive me to Mrs. Williams’ house: a 45-minute journey. She hung around while I had my hour-long private tutor session, and then drove another 45-minutes back to our house.

Every week, almost three hours were spent on my one-hour tutor session… and it was exhausting.

It was exhausting for me, exhausting for my mum, and majorly disrupted the family routine. There was no time for a family dinner and I fell behind on the rest of my homework. Worst of all, my beloved PlayStation sat gathering dust.

For months, this is what my poor console looked like…


When exam time got nearer and I started having two sessions a week, this became a full-on nightmare. And, if mum wasn’t available, or if the weather was too bad to drive, we had to cancel a session.

With online tutoring, all those worries go out of the window. You don’t have to spend time and money traveling; a one-hour tutor session takes one hour. Sessions don’t get dropped because of adverse weather conditions; lessons are easy to fit into your schedule and you get to work and learn in a space where you feel completely comfortable. You can even get away with wearing a Pikachu onesie to a tutoring session!

You Get Real-Time Feedback

One of the biggest problems I had with private tutoring was making sense of my notes and study resources after the tutor session had ended. Inevitably, I’d come home holding several scraps of paper, usually annotated with mine, or the tutor’s handwriting. I’d then spend the next couple of hours struggling to understand those notes and how they related to what I’d just learned. 

When I have to take notes quickly during a lesson, my handwriting gets pretty sloppy. My tutor’s handwriting though, was something else entirely. Her notes might as well have been written in Dothraki.

Breaker of Chains; Mother of Dragons; Decipherer of Study Notes


Assuming I could understand what was written down on the paper in the first place, I also then had the hassle of cataloguing it, typing it up, or transcribing it to a notebook. And, on the inevitable occasions when I misplaced a page of notes, that information was lost to me forever.

I also didn’t get any feedback on my work until the next session. This meant that, if hadn’t understood a concept or had learned it incorrectly, it would be a week before I’d get it straight in my head. I’d end up wasting a week of revision by learning something wrong until I was told otherwise.

The great thing with online tutoring is that it completely transforms the way note-taking works, making the whole process much more intuitive. Live document editing means you get instantaneous feedback you can actually make sense of. You get to share your notes with your tutor, so they can put you on the straight and narrow if you’ve misunderstood a concept. And, all of your notes and study resources are securely stored in Dropbox or Google Drive. This makes things easy to manage and means you’re never at risk of leaving your vital study notes on the bus.

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