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Who are our online tutors?

Our private tutors rank amongst the best in Australia – including high achieving 98+ ATAR graduates and qualified high school teachers.

Our private online tutors are hand-picked and screened to guarantee the highest quality tutoring in Australia. They’re patient, punctual and, most of all, great at what they do.

Our tutors are so much more than subject matter experts. We’re big on personality fit and recruit exactly the type of people you want as mentors: caring, hardworking and inspiring role models.

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Advanced English / Arts / Economics / English / English Extension 1 / English Extension 2 / Humanities / Junior English / Standard English

General Maths / Mathematics 2U / Maths / Maths Extension 1 / Maths Extension 2 / Physics / Science

English / General Maths / Maths / Science / Standard English

Advanced English / Biology / Business Studies / Economics / English / General Maths / Humanities / Junior English / Junior Maths / Legal Studies / Maths / Science / Standard English

Advanced English / Advanced Maths / Biology / Chemistry / English / General Maths / Junior English / Junior Maths / Mathematics 2U / Maths / Maths Extension 1 / Maths Extension 2 / Science / Standard English

Advanced Maths / General Maths / Junior Maths / Mathematics 2U / Maths / Maths Extension 1 / Maths Extension 2 / Physics

Chemistry / Junior Science / Science

Advanced English / English / English Extension 1 / English Extension 2 / Junior English / Legal Studies / Standard English

Here’s how your Academic Mentor can help

Tutornova Mentors help our students stay focused and feel less overwhelmed by breaking down big workloads into bite-sized chunks and customized study timetable. Because it’s the small right habits that compound into big results.

critical feedback on assessments

exam preparation and exam strategies

unwritten rules for achieving top band marks

proactively filling in gaps in learning

creating personalised study plans

common pitfalls to avoid

model answers

preparing for high stress exam conditions

catering for unknown marker preferences

appealling to marking criteria

studying topics ahead of school

marking requests outside lessons

10-Point Tutor Certification Checklist

Loves teaching and has a track record of academic excellence

We hire for personality and passion as much as we do knowledge and expertise.

Unique tutor requirements to qualify as a Tutornova Tutor

Our tutors are experienced tutoring professionals, including certified high school teachers, exam markers, PhD academics, university lecturers, 99+ ATAR graduates and 10+ year industry veterans.

Clean Working With Children Check

We check that each tutor has a cleared Working With Children Check, which involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct to ensure tutors have the clearance to work with children.

Photo Identity Check

We require legal photo identification to confirm tutors are who they say they are.

Qualifications Verified

We take copies of each tutor’s relevant academic qualifications.

Local Tutor in Australia

All of our tutors are local, living and working in Australia.

Multiple interview screening rounds with a member of the Tutornova team

All of our tutors undergo a rigorous application process, to check for personality fit and excellent teaching ability, and don’t just look good on paper.

Completes Tutornova’s Mentor Onboarding Process

Our tutors undergo ongoing extensive training to deliver a superior private tutoring service.

Be an exceptional communicator and proactive mentor

Our tutors are intuitive, proactive and can anticipate their students’ needs.

Embrace Tutornova’s Mentor Manifesto

Tutornova values excellence, compassion, enthusiasm and always giving 100% effort.

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