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During the HSC school years, it has been found that Tutoring Sydney provided many benefits for the students, especially for the high school years 11 and 12.

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is an internationally recognised credential that provides a foundation for your child entering tertiary study, vocational training or employment.

Scholars who successfully complete years 11 and 12 in the region of New South Wales (abbreviated as NSW) are awarded a Higher School Certificate (HSC), an internationally recognised qualification for students entering tertiary study, vocational training or employment. Students wanting to continue studying after high school can also apply for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), which ranks students across Australia based on their results in years 11 and 12.  

If compared (online tutoring) to its traditional counterpart, it’s clear that online tutoring has some unique benefits. Most online modules allow students to complete coursework at their own pace — an incredibly convenient perk for anyone with a hectic schedule. And web-based learning indirectly — sometimes directly, depending on the subject — refines computing, word processing and web-based competencies; all of which will be coveted by future employers.

Tutornova HSC Sydney tutors are recommended on their proven academic background, skill level and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability. Online HSC tutors are available throughout Sydney and the NSW region.

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Sydney education system

The City of Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most prestigious universities, technical institutions and schools. Entry to tertiary education for most students is via the New South Wales secondary school system where students are ranked by the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

Moreover, there are four multi-campus government-funded Technical and Further Education(TAFE) institutes in Sydney which provide vocational training at a tertiary level; namely, the Sydney Institute of Technology, North Sydney Institute of TAFE, Western Sydney Institute of TAFE (including OTEN) and South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE.

When it comes to state schools, including pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, and special schools, they are administered by the New South Wales Department of Education and Training. There are four state-administered education areas in the Sydney metropolitan area, that together coordinate 932 schools. There is also a big number of private schools located in the Sydney region, most of which are either Catholic or Grammar Schools. Selective schools are high schools that admit students on the basis of certain criteria, usually academic testing through the selective school test which is hosted each year usually in March to Year 6 students.

International schools in Sydney include the Lycée Condorcet, the French school, and the Sydney Japanese International School, the Japanese school.

What is the HSC?

The HSC is a standardised education program based on a syllabus published by the Board of Studies Teaching and Education Standards (BOSTES), which is the governing school education body in Sydney and NSW region.

The HSC is important because it gives you your ticket to attend a university.

When you complete the HSC, your results are translated into an ATAR, or Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank, which is what universities use to determine your admission into undergraduate programs.

Your final HSC mark is the result of your efforts in two areas: internal assessments and external HSC examinations. Each component counts for 50 percent of your grade.

Internal assessments

This component includes the exams and assessments undertaken during year 12. These are “internal” because they are written and set by your teachers, and are therefore unique to your school.

Your school keeps a record of your marks in each subject, and these form one-half of your final grade at the end of the year.

External assessments

This component refers to the exams taken by all NSW students at the end of year 12 in the official examination period. These are “external” because they are set by the BOSTES. All students in NSW sit the same HSC exams at the same time.

Each exam varies in length from one-and-a-half to three hours. This is the most important component of your HSC year since 50 percent of your mark comes down to one final exam.

Sydney’s cutting edge one-on-one online tutoring service

Achieve your full potential with a world-class academic Sydney tutoring service. At Tutornova, you can find experienced online private Sydney tutors that are committed to improving students comprehension of Math, English Physics, Chemistry, Biology and many other subjects.

HCE Sydney tutors are not only proficient in their specialist subjects; they are also expert communicators, which means they have the skills to effectively explain new and possibly difficult educational concepts.

You are just ‘a click” away from high-quality maths tutors in Sydney or dedicated English tutoring in Sydney that can deliver results to your overall success when it comes to HCE years.

Our online private tutors can meet you on your schedule, so they will help you save you time with zero travel from one corner of Sydney to another. With a fully dedicated and personalized online tutoring one-on-one through live video streaming, learning has never been easier.

Get in touch with your expertly matched online tutor in a virtual classroom with the power of cutting-edge online technology, such as an interactive whiteboard to simulate the in-person tutoring experience.

Efficiency of online tuition

Deciding on the tuition, we can help you to reach a new level in studying and to score better results overall. Tutors’ in-depth understanding of the subject matter and interactive approach to tutoring can help students re-engage with the subjects where they need help.

During HSC years, it has been found that tutoring has led to many benefits such as:

  • Successful tutoring can make student desire to hear and reinforce the relevant concepts, issues and ideas from secondary sources.
  • Parents opting to invest in giving their children the best possible chance to do well in final exams.
  • It provides the aim to gain university entrance scores with as much choice as possible for future study options.
  • It helps in the alleviation of stress caused by insufficient preparation or under-developed study skills.
  • The increase of self-confidence felt by students who can work through course material and past examinations at their own pace and free of distraction is also noted.

Australian teaching quality in schools

There are many factors that may contribute to teacher quality, but the overall academic attainment of those entering teaching degrees is an obvious and measurable component, which has been the focus of rigorous standards in many countries.

Moreover, an international benchmarking study indicates that Australia’s teacher education policies are currently falling well short of high-achieving countries where future teachers are recruited from the top 30 percent of the age cohort.

Statistics say that in Australia between 1983 and 2003, the standard intake was from the top 26 percent to 39 percent. By the year 2012/2013, less than half of Year 12 students receiving offers for places in undergraduate teacher education courses had ATAR scores in the top 50 percent of their age cohort.

Teacher education degrees also had the highest percentage of students entering with low ATAR scores, and the proportion of teacher education entrants with an ATAR of less than 50 nearly doubled over the past three years. We cannot expect above-average education with below-average teachers.

Funding is a critical issue, and not just in terms of what you spend, but also how you spend it. Research suggests that spending on early childhood, quality teaching, supplementary tutoring and core curriculum has the greatest returns on investment.

Invest in your tutor for a better future

Investing in a good tutor can be a life-changing experience.

As you have read in the previous paragraph, some research stated that we have below-average teachers in Australian secondary education institutions.

Moreover, we consider HSC tutoring as a supplement to each student’s education, especially when it comes to certain subjects where students do not excel. There can be multiple reasons for that, starting from teacher inadequacy to pass the knowledge onto the students or motivate them.

Here at Tutornova we offer you:

  • Fully vetted tutors (proven relevant academic qualifications)
  • Tutoring from your own home or at an agreed location with the tutor
  • All abilities and levels
  • All tutors are personally screened (face-to-face)
  • All tutors are screened nationally for child protection
  • One-on-one private HSC tuition

What subjects are private tutors Sydney able to teach?

Our private tutors can teach a variety of subjects in Sydney including HSC English, HSC Maths, HSC Legal Studies, HSC Biology, HSC Physics, HSC Economics, HSC Chemistry and so many more! Start your search for a tutor in Sydney today.

Over the last few years the greatest demand for HSC tuition has been in the subject areas of:

  • Advanced English, English Extension 1, General Maths, Mathematics (previously 2 Unit), Maths Extension 1 (previously 3 Unit), Maths Extension 2 (previously 4 Unit), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Modern History, Ancient History and Economics.

Additionally, all other HSC subjects are covered by our skilled and knowledgeable tutors.

How to find an HSC tutor in Sydney

Get in touch with Tutornova to find out how our tailored and fully vetted HSC tutors in Sydney can help you with your HSC preparation.

Finding a perfect tutor means that you have found an adequate person who will help you develop a strong knowledge of the syllabus for your HSC subjects, will provide you with adequate mentoring and equip you with vital study and exam skills.

With our comprehensive HSC tutoring, you can develop your study and exam skills!

Sydney’s leading HSC Tutoring specialists are here to motivate and support you!

Tutornova offers comprehensive and qualified HSC tutoring in Sydney, with tutorials that are matched with the student’s individual needs and learning techniques.  

Besides having HSC specialist tutors and mentors who are extremely knowledgeable in their academic areas, our tutors are are also expert communicators who are fully devoted to helping students fully understand new and difficult concepts.

Tutornova team of HSC tutors and mentors are here to challenge, mentor, support and encourage students to their fullest potential. Beside knowing the curriculum, we see our strength in being a good coach to you in every situation.

Moreover, through a highly individual study approach and tutoring program, we can help you stay motivated, plan effectively, boost your retention skills and much more!

What can our Sydney tutors offer  

If you are looking for HSC online  Sydney tutors  who can methodically cover the NSW secondary syllabus and deliver the result you, tutoring that gives you more time and less commute — you are at the right place.

Our tutors demand more from our students and hold them to the highest standards. And our students love it! Our tutors have the knack for seeing and unlocking a student’s untapped potential. They do so much more than just teach, offering expert guidance, motivation and encouragement, especially when the journey towards world class marks gets tough.

Therefore, with our personalised HSC tutoring program, we can show you how to excel at the HSC across a range of subjects!

We have a team of passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable online private HSC tutors and mentors who can identify your strengths and what areas we need to focus on so you can master your HSC subject curriculum and ultimately improve your results.

When it comes to high school education, HSC year is regarded by many as the most important year of your high school academic life. Gaining the results you want to achieve for your HSC is imperative.

Sydney private tutors rank amongst the best in Australia, including high achieving 98+ ATAR graduates and qualified high school teachers.

We want your online learning experience to be with the private tutors who are handpicked and fully vetted to guarantee you the highest quality tutoring.

Therefore, our tutors are punctual, patient and most important of all, they come with a great comprehension of what they do.

Make sure to book your online Tutornova private tutor on time in order to get the most out of your final years of secondary education with HSC tutoring.

The advantages of the online tutoring process

We want our students to feel supported at each stage of the tutoring process.

You can record each of your live tutoring sessions and view them over and over again until the concept lands, unlike face-to-face tuition, where you have only one chance to absorb everything. Moreover, online tuition is similar to face-to-face tuition but has a number of distinctive characteristics and advantages, for example:

1. Live interaction

One of the most important advantage of an online tutorial that it has all the interactive benefits of a face-to-face tutorial, as discussions with your tutor remains both stimulating and probing. As with face-to-face tuition, to get the best out of your tutor and your tutorial, always be well prepared. You should expect to complete about three hours of independent study for each hour of tuition.

2. Efficiency and flexibility

With online tutoring arrangements for online tutorials are generally easier and more flexible as neither you nor your tutor has to travel. Travelling to tutorials, for example in central Sydney, can be time consuming and stressful — arrangements need to be carefully planned and a location booked. Online tutoring with Tutornova gives families living outside major cities equal access to high-quality, background-checked tutors, literally at your fingertips.

3. Cutting edge technology

In order to help you to achieve the next level of studying and excellent grading, we have provided you with the next level technology, like the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet which lets you sketch naturally and easily on our virtual whiteboard… just like pen on paper.

4. Access to resources

Tutorials can also be prepared and shared as presentations — indeed, using an interactive whiteboard, joint presentations can be developed by you and the tutor as part of your tutorial.  Using a whiteboard also means that all your tutorial notes can be saved and sent to you immediately after every tutorial. Tutorials — or parts of tutorials — can be recorded for you to refer to at a later date. Possibility of being online for your tutorial gives you and your tutor instant access to the whole range of online resources. With preparation, selected online resources can be easily blended into each online tutorial.

5. Study from the comfort of your chosen surroundings

Tutornova online tutoring allows you to have your tutorial from the comfort of your own surroundings. This means that you have access to all your notes and other study materials, and you are also working from familiar surroundings. Studies show that comfort and familiarity can have a significant and positive impact in promoting meaningful learning.  

Choose your home Tutoring Sydney and find an online tutor in different subjects and high school levels and get ready with Tutornova for one more successful study year!

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