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With Tutornova, you have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where and how you teach.

We make it easy for you

Tutornova makes life a lot easier for its tutors by handling the less-exciting aspects of running a private tutoring service, like marketing, scheduling, payments and admin work, so you can concentrate on what you do best – teaching. Now, you can become the most-wanted tutor online! 

Attract and teach new students

Competitive hourly rates

Work from home or anywhere with internet

Be your own boss

Flexible schedules - choose your own hours

We find you students

We look after all student enrolments, marketing, customer billing, scheduling and student support

No monthly fees to become a tutor with us

Open, collaborative and friendly management team

State-of-the-art online learning platforms provided at no cost to you

Make a meaningful impact helping students achieve their study goals and lifelong ambitions

We are looking for experienced, passionate and fun tutors who get a kick out of seeing students succeed.

Private One on One HSC Maths Tutor and Online Tutoring Expert Sydney

“Working as a tutor for Tutornova for several months now has been a rewarding experience for me. There are so many benefits. Primarily, working with the latest in technology is a plus. Online tutoring with a one-on-one basis has the advantages of building up a personal rapport with the student through the setting and achieving of goals and the feedback obtained in being able to see the student and interact in an informal environment. I have found that the students are very much “at home” with this which makes it even better to teach. Although involving high-tech every step of the process has been managed very well by the support team behind Tutornova who are very hospitable and make sure that all goes well on the IT side for everybody involved. Financially, the rates of pay to both the tutor and charged to the student are very realistic. The bonus for both tutor and student is that there is no need to spend extra (unpaid) time in travel (by either party). Also there is the advantage that all reference materials that might pop up in the lesson are easily accessed from the bookshelf of the home library. I thoroughly recommend anyone considering being involved with Tutornova to put aside any reservations and give it a go.”

Charles, Tutornova Mentor

Do meaningful work, your way

We are proud to say we pay our tutors much higher rates than other private tutoring services. Our vision is to support all of our tutors to be their own boss with the flexibility of managing their own schedules, study guide and a steady roster of students, minus the hassle of running a private tutoring service.

Your responsibilities will include:

Teaching regular weekly one-on-one online lessons throughout the school term

Creating personalised study plans and keeping students accountable

Tailoring each lesson to the student’s individual needs

Helping students plan, structure and improve on their assessments

Proactively guiding students to fill in any other 'gaps' in learning

Weekly follow-up and marking of homework

Ongoing monitoring of student progress and updating our Support Team

Providing high quality learning resources, sample Band 6 responses, homework and practice exam papers

Opportunity for ad hoc responsibilities around creating educational resources and content for Tutornova

Successful candidates will be available to commit to consistent weekly lesson times on an ongoing basis. Lessons are typically held on weekday afternoons and weekends.

Be your own boss and teach from the comfort of your own space, without the hassle of finding new students.

What does it take to become a Tutornova Online Tutor?

Attained a highly competitive ATAR (UAI or equivalent)

Strong academic achievements

Prior tutoring experience - group or one-or-one (2+ years highly regarded)

Degree qualified or currently completing a degree in subject tutored or related discipline

Qualified high school teachers and board certified exam markers highly regarded

Industry veterans, university lecturers and PHD qualified applicants highly regarded

Be an exceptional speaker and communicator

Passionate about teaching and genuinely care about your students

You're proactive, creative and have loads of enthusiasm

You're confident using digital technology

You're ultra organised and care about fine details

Ongoing commitment as a tutor

Clear Working With Children Check

“For me, Tutornova has been amazing. Living in the outer suburbs of Sydney in a low density area, the greatest barriers to reaching my full potential as a private tutor is distance and travel time. Tutornova allows me to eliminate this problem entirely, while still maintaining a great face-to-face relationship with my students. Not only does the platform provide me with support and service to guide me along the way, but it gives me access to a greater range of students then I could have possibly done myself. For a tailored and personalised tutoring experience, Tutornova is the top of it’s game.”

Damien, Tutornova Mentor

As a registered tutor, you gain access to Tutornova’s Ambassador Program, rewarding you with bonus commission for referring us students.

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