Private Tutoring Shouldn’t Be a Hassle

Tutornova is dedicated to making private tutoring simple. That’s why we offer worry-free online lesson booking with the highest quality of tutors in Australia.

Tutornova connects students with tutors all across Australia, especially those living in remote and regional areas, through the power of online video conference.

5 Things To Know About Us


Our tutors are truly first class

Our tutors demand more from our students and hold them to the highest standards. And our students love it! Our tutors have the knack for seeing and unlocking a student’s untapped potential. They do so much more than just teach, offering expert guidance, motivation and encouragement, especially when the journey towards world class marks gets tough.


We live for the ‘aha’ moments

Our tutors get just as much satisfaction as their students when they make breakthroughs. Victory big or small, your tutor will be cheering you on. We’re all about changing how students think and solve problems, but most importantly, helping them believe in themselves and their untapped possibilities.


Students deserve undivided attention

While group tutoring has its benefits (it’s great for imparting theory like in the school classroom), when it comes to personal feedback, we believe nothing beats one-on-one mentoring. We’re a niche and specialised service, so for us it is not about attracting volumes of students and spreading ourselves thin amongst dozens of requests, but about giving individuals undivided attention and care.


It comes down to the right mentor

We believe that finding the highest quality tutor matters. An excellent teacher can impart their comprehensive knowledge to their student, regardless of whether they are sitting side-by-side or over a video call. With the power of face-to-face onscreen lessons that recreate the in-person experience, Tutornova gives you access to a world class mentor where geography has no limits.


Learning doesn’t do limits

We think it’s pretty amazing that any student, from Alice Springs to Zetland and all across Australia, can access a Tutornova Tutor from the comfort of their own space. More time. Less commute. And no compromise on finding the right tutor.

More Time. Less Commute.

Tutornova is the smarter, saner and simpler way to learn from a world class tutor.

Our Vision

Tutornova’s vision is to create the simplest and smartest way for students and parents living all across Australia and beyond, to access high quality private education, where geography has no limits.

We deliver a fast, simple and safe way to book and attend online private tutoring lessons all from the comfort of your laptop, without the hassle of travel. Never settle for any average tutor just because they live closeby. Say goodbye to wasting hours sitting in traffic and the mad after-school rush driving to and from tutoring. At Tutornova, you get access to our extensively-vetted team of world-class academic mentors, literallly at your fingertips!

Tutornova simplifies a non-transparent and fragmented tutoring industry, by making quality tutoring accessible and affordable, made possible with the internet. The name ‘Tutornova’ was inspired by the cosmic explosion ‘Supernova’ and the uncapped brilliance we believe exists within each and every student.

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