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Are you looking for an online Tutoring Melbourne service at a time and location that suits you? Our online private tutors in Melbourne can meet you on your schedule and help you ace the exams that matter the most.


Our online tutoring platform “Tutornova” is Australia’s first online one-on-one private tutoring company to offer face-to-face lessons online over live video meetings.

Tutornva private tutoring delivers the best qualified private tutors to you, no matter if you live in Melbourne or somewhere else across Australia. With Tutornova, you get everything you want in a tutoring lesson: quality, convenience, access, simplicity and security.


Tutornova online tutoring Melbourne allows you to tap into hundreds of online tutors across all subjects. You can find our online Melbourne tutors for VCE subjects like English, Math, Science and many more.


Therefore, our mission at Tutornova online tutoring platform is to make private tutoring simple and easy accessible. That’s why we offer worry-free online lesson booking with the highest quality of tutors in Australia. Tutornova connects students with tutors in Melbourne, especially those living in remote and regional areas, through the power of online video conferencing.


With online tutoring, learning can happen anytime, at a place and a time that suits you. With the power of the internet and advancements in technology, learning is as easy as connect, login and learn!


Book your online tutor on time to ace your exams and reach a new level of learning!


Fully reliable and online private tutoring Melbourne


Private tutoring Melbourne service offers you a trusted, experienced tutor right in your home, with the convenience of online video tutoring.


Online tutors in Melbourne are provided with comprehensive training on how to use online tutoring effectively. We even provide them with an online course dedicated to learning how to use online tools.


With Tutornova web-based tutoring, you can say goodbye to spending your time to get to your local tutors, because we save your time that you would usually need for traveling to your regular tutors. Do not miss good tuition because you can’t get to your tutor on time.


The days when you had to spend hours and hours travelling to different tutors are long gone; now you can find online tutor in Melbourne no matter where you are. Online private tutors in Melbourne can meet you, where it’s convenient for youfrom the comfort of your own apartment, a library, a restaurant, a coffee shop, etc.


Who are our Melbourne tutors?


Tutornova Melbourne tutors rank amongst the best in Australia, including high achieving 98+ ATAR graduates and qualified high school teachers.


We want your online learning experience to be with the private tutors who are handpicked and fully vetted to guarantee you the highest quality tutoring in Melbourne.


Therefore, our tutors are punctual, patient and, most important of all, they come with a great comprehension of what they do.


Moreover, beside verifiable technical and educational equipment of our tutors, we have to add that they are so much more than subject matter experts.


We choose online tutors who are big on personality fit and recruit exactly the type of people you want as mentors: caring, hardworking and inspiring role models.


Qualified teachers using proven methods and techniques will bring out the best in your child and, not only that, they will bring the fun back into learning.


We work hard to make sure that our students meet only quality and certified Melbourne tutors. Moreover, that is why we require from all of our tutors to be:


Kind and loving personalities – As much as they need to love teaching, each one of our Melbourne tutors need to possess a track record of academic excellence


Special requirements – Our tutors are experienced tutoring professionals, including certified high school teachers, exam markers, PhD academics, university lecturers, 99+ ATAR graduates and 10+ year industry veterans.


Proper behavior and clean history background – This requires a  check that each tutor has a cleared “Working With Children Check”, which involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct to ensure tutors have the clearance to work with children.


Legal identity photo verification – We have to be sure that each one of our online tutors is who they say the are.  


Academic background – Each tutor needs to deliver a copy of their relevant academic qualifications.


Locals – All of our tutors are local, living and working in Australia.


Screening process – We want to make sure that our tutors undergo a rigorous application process. They need to prove that they do not just look good on paper, but that they possess excellent teaching abilities.


Mentors onboarding process – In order to deliver a superior private tutoring service, our tutors need to undergo extensive training.


Excellent communicators – Beside being an exceptional communicators, we need our tutors to be intuitive, proactive mentors who can anticipate their students needs.


Respect Tutornova’s manifesto Here at Tutornova, we embrace excellence, compassion, enthusiasm and maximum results.


Skilled VCE tutors Melbourne that can meet your child’s specific needs


As mentioned earlier, The Victorian Certificate of Education or VCE is one credential available to secondary school students who successfully complete year 11 and 12 in the Australian state of Victoria. Therefore, we want to help you children finish their 11 and 12 years of the secondary school with an outstanding results by engaging them with one of the best online  VCE tutors Melbourne has to offer.


Tutornova Melbourne tutors help students to stay focused and feel less overwhelmed by breaking down big workloads into bite-sized chunks, because it’s the small habits that compound into big results.


VCE tutors Melbourne are certified and held to the highest standards. Meet our online tutoring academic mentors who are enthusiastic over helping you to achieve phenomenal results when it comes to you secondary school education.


Moreover, we want you to build strong grounds when it comes to education and its further continuation.


At Tutornova, we hand-pick the best of the best. All our VCE tutors are from Melbourne or Victoria state and have helped countless students maximise their potential and improve their maths results.


Organize your priorities with Melbourne private tutoring


When it comes to better organization, we have a plethora of learning and organizing  advices. Here is how your VCE online tutors Melbourne can help with achieving your maximum:


  • Critical feedback on assessments
  • Exam preparation and exam strategies
  • Unwritten rules for achieving top band marks
  • Proactively filling in gaps in learning
  • Creating personalised study plans
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Model answers
  • Preparing for high stress exam conditions
  • Catering for unknown marker preferences
  • Appealing to marking criteria
  • Studying topics ahead of school
  • Marking requests outside lessons

What are Melbourne tutors specialised in?


It is really important to point out that our Melbourne tutors are specialised in all levels of VCE tutoring. Our year 11-12 subjects imply subjects like:


  • English Literature, English Composition, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Modern History and Ancient History

We also have Melbourne tutors who can help with core study skills including:


  • Time management
  • Organisation
  • Productivity
  • Exam Strategies
  • Note Taking
  • Planning Skills

Cutting edge VCE Melbourne tutoring to help students reach the next level


Your only concern when it comes to private online tutoring should be to find a comfortable position from your working area and to leave everything else to us.


In order to help you to achieve the next level of studying and excellent grading, we have provided you with the next level technology, like the the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet, which  lets you sketch naturally and easily on our virtual whiteboard… just like pen on paper.


Moreover, Melbourne online tutoring has never been more fun, with our first-class eLearning technology, you will get a chance to be in a private online virtual classroom. Enjoy many advanced options like an interactive virtual whiteboard, screen sharing tools, lesson recording and a student dashboard to share files and messages to your tutors between lessons.


Unlike face-to-face tuition, where you have only one chance to absorb everything your tutor says, Tutornova offers a far superior alternative. You can record each of your live tutoring sessions and view them over and over again until the concept lands.


Everything that we do, we do for your convenience. We want to provide you with convenient lesson plans that means that we have flexible single or recurring lesson options with the same tutor.


Getting to your favourite Melbourne tutor


Before the technology and internet era expansion, you’d have to spend hours travelling to different tutors for different subjects. In order to avoid Melbourne rush hours and bad traffic, you were limited to tutors in your neighbourhood. With our cutting-edge platform, we have changed the way students from regional areas, those who are travelling and those in the heart of the city, look for better alternatives for study.


In order to get to your fully professional Melbourne tutor, all you need is an internet connection and a computer. From there, we use live video conferencing and state-of-the-art virtual classroom technology to recreate the in-person tutoring experience.


Students tuition success stories on VCE tutoring


The best way to decide on private tutoring lessons is to read about other students tuition success.


Therefore, we want you to find out more on our students firsthand experiences. Read more about some of our our student success stories.


“Private tutoring helped me achieve marks that would have been impossible with school and group tutoring alone. The practical resources and personalised feedback expanded my knowledge and skills, which significantly improved my marks from averaging 10 out of 15, to 14 out of 15. My tutor helped me stay on track and ahead of school which reduced stress and gave me the opportunity to reach my full potential.” Fiona, Year 12 Advanced English


“It’s so much more efficient having a tutor that’s literally a click away in the comfort of your own home where you’ve got all your books around you and you’re in your own environment.”

Ashoorina, Year 12 Legal Studies and Modern History


“I wish I had discovered it earlier. If it has been so effective within a short amount of time, if I had been consistent with it on a week-to-week basis over a longer period, I can’t imagine how much I would have improved.” Zane, Year 12 Advanced English


“I got excellent tutors and gained a lot of information just from home. Easy!”

Kawla, Year 12 Business Studies


“It saves me time and with the tools, Emily is in a familiar environment with all her books around her and it just works fantastically.” Sarah, Parent of Year 12 Advanced English Student


“My goal is to get an ATAR above 98 and maybe one day working in the science field. Tutornova helps me accomplish this by allowing me to maximize my marks.”Emily, Year 12 Advanced English


Make your online tuition plan


TutorNova empowers students to believe in themselves, strive to be their best and achieve their learning goals. At Tutornova, we want for every child to feel unique, which is why we’ve made it our mission to create the best private tuition programs for all our students. Our home-based and online tuition services are completely tailored to each student’s learning requirements.


Our mission is to give any child in any place and situation the opportunity to be taught by one of our fully vetted professional tutors with personalised educational tuition.


Our web-based online tutoring portal allows you to have access to our extensive list of professional tutors, even if you are not based in Melbourne. or if you are unable to receive our tutoring due to the following circumstances (for example):


  • Your child misses a large amount of school due to illness.
  • Your desired tutor lives outside your area.
  • You attend an Australian International School and want an Australian based tutor.

When it comes to Melbourne tutoring, we are pretty much confident that you will be satisfied with our tutoring services, so we offer a first-booking 100 percent happiness guarantee. Here at Tutornova, make your online tuition plan according to your needs:


ONE TIME LESSON plan – You can pay as you go, the price for this kind of lesson is 70 AUD/hour. If you decide for this flexible single lesson booking option, now you can book a single lesson, cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours in advance. Feel free when it comes to online paying, because we have provided you with safe and automatic payments online after each lesson.


RECURRING LESSONS plan – You can pay as you go, and the price for this kind of lesson is 63 AUD/hour. If you choose this option, you can save 10 percent off the full value. When it comes to recurring tuition, you get to choose between recurring weekly or fortnightly lessons. Pay securely and automatically online after each lesson and be able to reschedule up to 24 hours in advance. Find your prefered and dedicated tutor, and secure your preferred time slot with a minimum commitment of three lessons.


Draft an appropriate online tutoring Melbourne plan for your level, and see how your perspective towards learning changes.


Book your online tutor on time to ace your exams and reach a new level of learning!