7 Ways Private Tutored Kids Are Winning Against Group Tutored Kids

7 Ways Private Tutored Kids Are Winning Against Group Tutored Kids

When we think of classrooms, we think of loud classmates, boring teachers, and uninspiring teaching methods. But sometimes the solution isn’t found in a smaller, more intimate classroom. To a lot of people, group tutoring is the all-around answer to many problems encountered in the classroom, without realizing that it is just exactly like a classroom setting.


Private tuition is completely different from your typical group scenario. You get the most out of your time, money, and energy… plus, you become that cool, exclusive kid who gets tutored privately at home. Sweet.

1. Customized Lesson Plan

When someone is having a hard time following or adjusting to the communal pace shared in a classroom, we often turn to tutoring as the next best solution when really, some forms of tutoring might not be that different from classroom settings at all. The key word is private tutoring.

Private tutored kids get the kind of attention that group tutored kids don’t. You’d think that the difference between a typical classroom setting and a group tutoring session is different. One of the main reasons why anyone should consider getting a tutor is because of personalised tuition, and in group tutoring, it limits exclusivity according to the group, not the individual.

So if James is having a hard time dealing with coding 101 and you’re already capable of hacking government websites or something like that, you best be sure that your tutor is going to force you to do <hello world> tutorials until your eyes fall out of your head.

Private tutoring, on the other hand, lets you explore exactly what you need. No other considerations are made except what benefits you the most. Lesson plans are ultimately decided between you and tutor, ensuring that you get the right materials you need to advance.

2. Zero Distractions

Making friends is super fun… until it’s exam season and you realize you haven’t been paying attention to your tutoring sessions because Jessica and Jasmine keep telling you about their new cute puppy, Dandelion. Distractions might not reach that extent but you certainly won’t be having the same laser focus if you had enrolled for private tutoring.

Private tutoring is the best space for anyone who wants to learn in the fastest way possible. Without distractions and sources of procrastination (think: your tutor center buddies stalking the cute tutor’s Facebook account), you can speed through the lessons without worrying about keeping up with friends.

3. Convenience of Schedule

Private tutoring boasts one primary thing that group tutoring can’t: convenience. While your friends are being shuttled off to a one hour commute to their tutoring centres, here you are opening your laptop, in the comfort of your own room, next to school notes you don’t have to carry elsewhere.

Group tutoring, while potentially fun, poses some problems you wouldn’t have to worry about in private tutoring. Let’s say the entire day is scheduled for an important pair activity. If your partner doesn’t show up, you’re left with no one and you risk not receiving the same amount of quality education that the other people around you are receiving.

Being privately tutored means not having to worry about the people around you. You set your own time, your own schedule, and are able to cancel on the spot without having to sacrifice any of your precious time. School is busy enough as it is and private tutoring makes learning outside the classroom a lot easier.

4. Self-Reliance

Today you have an incredibly important assessment test in the centre that you absolutely cannot miss. What’s that? Your little brother is crying about his decaying tooth? No one can drive you to the centre? All the buses have already left the station? You get the point.

And it’s just about commuting. In private tutoring, you don’t have anyone else to rely on. While that might not be the best scenario for you, there’s no denying that solitude does facilitate self-reliance. Didn’t do your assignment? You’ll be held accountable. Didn’t browse the readings? You’re getting in trouble.

While intimidating, the prospect of being responsible on your own is actually going to help you become a better person. It teaches you to hold out in the toughest scenarios and encourages you to tinker with your own environment, using your own resources. Instead of relying on your classmates to answer that really hard trigonometric function, you can find ways to solve it by either communicating with your private tutor or finding videos online to help you out!

But what about those articles telling you that peer pressure actually has positive effects on students? Well, experts say that confidence, not peer pressure, is key for success. They observed students who performed well in early on in their academic careers. Given confidence by their previous performance, the pupils became more confident in themselves, helping them boost their rankings in later stages in their education.

This practically means that the more successful you become with your work, the more confident you will become in your performance. It’s like a snowball effect of success!

5.Personalized Learning Environment

Just how important is a person’s learning environment? Huffpost says a whole lot. In fact they even provided some metrics in assessing just how effective someone’s learning environment is. The questions that stand out the most are:

Who is the intended learner?

What is the role of the learner?

How can we tell that learning occurred?

Private tuition allows you to assess these metrics and solve them specifically to your needs. Gauging intellectual growth in one student can be done differently to another student.

Using music to facilitate memorisation may only serve as conducive environment for someone else. We’re all going to have different preferences and trying to neutralize those will only result in a neutrally appealing learning environment.

And if it’s online private tutoring, you can wear those fluffy house slippers like it’s nobody’s business and still score your dream ATAR. You can study under neon lights and still feel like you’re getting the best service ever.

6. Focused Learning

Without any distractions, any other schedules to consider, other paces to think about, and a neutral environment to operate it, you can be sure that your private tutoring session will not only be more effective, but speedy. The group tutored kids might be happily chatting on the bus but you? You’re in your Batmobile. While they’re still talking about all the boats that sailed in The Illiad, you’re already cruising The Odyssey like a badass.

In the End, Results Matter

When you look at costs for private tutoring and group tutoring, using price as the primary reason for going for either might not be the wisest decision. There’s no denying that the rates for private tuition could come at an extra cost, but you’re not only buying another person’s timeyou’re saving a whole lot of your own.

You’re paying for the comfort of staying in your own room, the comfort of creating a learning environment for yourself, and the freedom to set the pace, lesson, and method of teaching with your private tutor. More importantly, you are able to select the tutor that is right for you rather than being lumped in the same group as everyone else. It’s definitely a happy ending.


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