13 Reasons Why Students Getting Online Tutoring Are Winning

13 Reasons Why Students Getting Online Tutoring Are Winning

Private tutoring is no longer exclusive to the super rich or the extremely nerdy. With private

tutoring becoming a welcome staple to the Australian, American, Asian, and European households, more and more families are seeing (and experiencing) the benefits of getting extra help.



With the advent of online collaboration platforms like Google Documents, virtual whiteboards and video meetings, all the tutoring that was once dependent on in-person interaction can be done online. Crazy? Not so much. There are tons of benefits to getting online private tutoring and below are the just thirteen reasons why you should:


  1. Convenience



Want to study a lesson? Book a tutor in a matter of minutes. No one to drive you to your tutor’s house? Just go online.  Want to extend for a couple more minutes? Just stay on the call and keep the rhythm flowing.

All the little inconveniences such as traffic, forgotten notes, and unclear schedules that are bound to mess up your tutoring experience are no longer a concern. Since everything is done online, the only thing you have to do is log on your computer.


  1. Studying Becomes More Productive



A recent study suggests that working remotely improves your productivity better as opposed to working in groups. This is definitely a plus for introverts, and for anyone who prefers working in solitude.

The best part about online private tutoring is that you are not only in a remote environment, but you are in your own remote workspace. All the things you need to study and work – notes, books, fidget spinner, you name it – are well-within reach. How convenient is that?


  1. Saves You Time (and lots of hours in the car!)

Online private tutoring offers everything in-person tutoring has to offer, minus the hassle of travelling to and from tutoring. It allows students and their families the convenience of time. Let’s face it: relying on mum or dad to drive you 4 hours back and forth for a once-a-week hourly study session isn’t the most attractive option to you or your parents.



Because everything is done online (rather conveniently), you’re more likely to actually stick with the tutoring schedule instead of ditching it altogether. You can’t ever forget your notes because they’re right where you need them to be.


  1. Study Resources at Your Tutor’s Fingertips

This is probably one of the best perks of getting an online tutor. You don’t always know what you don’t know, and getting help from someone else can fill in gaps in knowledge you never realized you had. Since your tutor is also teaching from their personal workspace, they have all of their teaching resources – textbooks, study guides, sample essays and practice papers on hand.



Whether it’s a stack of Mathematics practice exam papers or treasure trove of sample full mark essays, you can always expect tutors to give you high-quality study materials, especially those left undiscussed in school.


  1. Undivided Attention



Interestingly, most students assume that they won’t be able to develop genuine relationships with their tutors because the sessions aren’t conducted in person.

Don’t let the superficial distance fool you. You can still build meaningful relationships with your online tutors, even though your only means of communication is through video chat. Take us for example – a lot of students feel surprised when they realize they build a good relationship with their Tutornova’s tutors in no time, who are genuinely looking out after them and not just their academic performance.


  1. Studying At Your Own Pace

One of the best things about online private tutoring is the ability to personalise your study plan using online interactive study tools, which in turn allows you and your tutor to set your own pace.

While it’s true that tutors are still used to save students from failing marks, most households that get extra help have no problem with academics. In reality, these students actually acquire help because they want to learn outside school hours and generally improve their grades at a faster pace.



More intensive tutoring is pretty much advanced studying, giving you a better leverage over your peers at school.


  1. No Distractions

It can be hard to “get into the zone” when you’re surrounded with friends and family who are just dying to tell you one story after another. In fact, the main reason for most people’s inability to focus is loud noise, which is all but unavoidable in a crowded environment such as schools.



You get the exact same opposite when you opt for online private tutoring. The entire study session takes place in your quiet room where you can set up your laptop with various productivity tools that can block or limit your internet usage.

Or, you know, just plug your headphones in. No interruptions, no distractions; just you focusing on understanding the Trigonometric functions.


  1. More Time = Less Stress



Wasting time sitting in traffic or trying out one mediocre tutor to the next, can be such a stressful experience. With all the noise, competition, and demands of commuting to and from locations, all these things could easily build into anxiety and stress. Not that either of those help your productivity.

With online private tutoring, you don’t even have to get out of your comfy clothes for your study session. Heck, you can do it on your own bed! The point is, you don’t have to go out of your merry way to learn your history and sociology.


  1. Students Receive Specific Feedback



Picture this typical classroom scenario: your teacher gives back the scores for the latest test, where apparently more than half of your class got a barely passing mark. Because there are 25 students in your class who found different parts of the test difficult, it becomes hard for your teacher to recap the previous lesson without wasting the time of those who passed.

Bottomline is, it’s just incredibly difficult to get all of your concerns and questions addressed when you’re competing with other voices in the classroom. But not when you have a dedicated online tutor.

The feedback you receive will be specific to you and your problems. You will have the opportunity to know what your strengths and weaknesses are exactly and develop better study habits to complement these.


  1. Boundless Choices



What if the perfect tutor was halfway across the country? How can you possibly spend thousands of money on a plane ticke… oh, wait, that’s right. The beauty of online tutoring really rests on convenience.

Everything that you do is online. With online private tutoring, you have the freedom to choose the best tutor for you, regardless of distance. Thank you, internet.


  1. Increased Focus

The typical student brain sounds something like this:

“Oh, wow, it’s 9 AM, I have to start writing that English paper. But by 9:30 I have to go online and talk to my group mates about that History project. I need to make sure I have my powerpoint ready for my 11 AM class, but not before I make sure to submit the other English paper by 10:45 through email…wait, what do I have to write again?”




On the other hand, online private tutoring brains sound like this:

“Wow, I’m not multi-tasking. This gives me a lot of time to focus on what I’m doing right now. So. Much. Focus.”


  1. Independence



There are two ways where you could become more independent with online tutoring: practically and mentally. On a practical level, you don’t need your parents to drive you to and from tutoring. You can also book the tutor yourself instead of spending so much energy fitting this into your parents’ schedule.

You also become mentally independent. Your tutor isn’t just a guide paving your way to academic success. Like it or not, his or her work and study ethics are bound to brush off you, encouraging you to develop better exam strategies and organization techniques. You find a friend and a mentor that can help you stand on your own two feet in no time.


  1. Organised Notes All In One Place



Google Docs is the way to go with online tutoring, which means that you save incredible amounts of time from re-typing, organizing, finding, and re-working old notes. You’re essentially skipping all that hassle by working online with your tutor.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about missing notes at the bottom of your bag (or someone else’s bag). All you have to do is access the documents online and you’re good to go.

At the end of the day, these 13 things are the reasons why we do what we do. As an online tutoring platform, Tutornova loves knowing that our students are able to learn in a comfortable environment and are able to exercise independence. Hooray, online private tutoring!

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